Dominator GDO-12 Roller Door Opener

Dominator GDO-12 Roller Door Opener

Powerhouse Performance for Demanding Applications

If you need to power a very large rolling door or live in a high wind area, the Dominator HiroTM GDO-12 is the ideal choice.

Hiro’s heavy duty motor delivers extraordinary power and its compact design allows it to be used in tight spaces within your garage or shed.



Designed to operate extra tall, extra wide rolling doors or garage doors in high wind areas.


Led lighting technology combined with sub 1W electric consumption on standby mode#.


Our DC motor with Soft Start/Soft stop feature reduces stress on the door and opener for longer life and makes for quieter operation.


Standard features include 1 wall button and 2 premium remotes featuring our patented TrioCodeTM128 technology for secure and reliable home access.

#powerhead only, excludes accessories

The Dominator Hiro is not only the slimmest and most powerful opener in the range, it paves the way in control and connectivity delivering smart phone control in light commercial applications (as an optional upgrade).

If you need to operate a very large roller door or a wind-locked door, or have a site with low side room requirement, HiroTM is the opener for you.

Key Features

  • 2 Year, 10,000 Cycle Warranty
  • 1400 Short term peak force to reliably operate large doors up to 28m2∗, + wind-locked doors up to 22m2∗∗
  • Slim fit design (35mm only from the edge of the curtain to the edge of the bracket)
  • Variable opening speed
  • Smart phone compatible
  • Optional slide-on or wall mount battery back up
  • Large removable forks suits most drum wheels
  • Courtesy LED light
  • Can operate with Tri-Tran+ frequency if required
  • (Will operate with TrioCode128 AND Tri-Tran+ together.)



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